Restaurant Review: Paper Moon Cafe

          Paper Moon Cafe comes from Tokyo, Japan, and it’s acclaimed worldwide for their wonderful crepe cakes and some their sweet delicacies. The cakes were developed by Madame Kazuko Emy Wada. Also the staffs were very friendly and they recommend us which is the best one. We ordered the Original Mille Crepe that is made up to 20 plus paper-thin crepes held together by their delicious party cream, and the top is slightly caramelised. It is very good and not really that sweet and when you take a bite it is so light and it taste like heaven. Also we ordered the Chocolate Mille Crepe and it is also good but I prefer the original one. The price is a little bit expensive, it costs P350/ the three-inch cake, P1,400/ the six-inch cake and P2,000/ the ten-inch cake. Although it is quite pricey it is totally worth it because literally it is heaven on a bite.






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