Restaurant Review: Seoul Korean Restaurant

Subic Bay Freeport Zone as we all know is a nest for foreigners, a large number of this is of Korean decent, that is why in every corners of SBMA you can see Korean Marts if not Korean themed Restaurants.

Seoul Korean Restaurant, Located in Subic Bay, is a haven for Korean food lovers. It is no different with other Korean restaurants that lets you cook your own meat, but what I like in particular about this restaurant is that, the choice of food doesn’t end with, Korean meat and classic dishes. Their grilled pork ribs is to die for, and sometimes they have menu of the day were they feature freshly caught seafood within the vicinity. Seoul is owned by a Korean family, all the food are handmade as to retain the authenticity of the food, from kimchi to tofu soup, all is prepared by them. Seoul tries to experiment with their food, from Filipino dishes infused with Korean flavors, it is sure to appeal not just to Korean customers, but also to Filipino diners. Seoul Aims to expand its market by introducing new dishes that will be pleasing to all.


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