Travel and Leisure: Batanes’ Peak

The one of the few views you will see as you approach the island and the last thing you will see as you say goodbye to the tranquil province of Batanes. Mount Iraya is the most visible mountain you will see in the province. There are quite a few of them but this particular mountain is famous among them. It is a dormant mountain and the last reported eruption of it was hundred years ago that not even my parents’ grandparents had experience. But because it is dormant, this majestic sculpture of Mother Earth is just sleeping.

Climbing the mountain is a thing I have yet experience myself. I had never had the chance to climb it because, one, my parents never allowed me, two, I do not know any people who knows the ups and downs of the mountain and three, there were no trails, in trails I mean safe trails, to go and explore Mt. Iraya by yourself. But what I heard is that there are already people who expertly know paths into the mountain for tours. Well, besides the old folks who have their property around the mountain and even in the mountain itself who expertly knew how to get there and the paths into the mountain.


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